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LevelChapter NameAction
1Born in bad circumstances [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
2   works hard, does well [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      ends well [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      things end badly [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
2   things turn ugly [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      surprise happy ending [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      ends horribly [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
1Born in good circumstances [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
2   a turn for the worse [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      ugly ending [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      life on Jupiter [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
2   things seem promising [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      but it all ends badly [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
3      ends with mixed results [test] [edit] [add child] [delete]
The character was born in a {wooden shack | little town called Poopsyville | state of disarray | sort of a dirty sack} and abandoned, with only a {squirrel | hand puppet | family | mummy and daddy | small stone tool | tattered doll} for company.
But he worked hard, {educated himself | got lucky | rubbed elbows with the right people | bribed a few officials}, and became prosperous and happy.
His last words were simply: "{Well that was all quite nice. | Golly. What fun it all was. | I certainly had a jolly old time of it, didn't I?}"
He soon realised that {the odds were stacked against him | he was entirely covered in pimples | he was a naturally unpleasant sort of person | everything smelled a bit funny}, so he {gave up hope | put his hands onto a hot grill | lost himself in buttered crumpets} and began a spiral into {poor health | hiccups | anal polyps | embarrassing rashes} and {madness | a case of the whoopsies}.
The character was {caught dropping out of the sky by | adopted by | born to | found in the woods by} the richest parents in the entire town, {Edna and Roderick Bigpockets | Jermaine and Rhonda Goldperson | Mika and Pipi Wipidipi}. Anything he wanted, all he had to do was {whine | burp | throw up | raise his hand and scream | write it down on a piece of paper in blood | yell "oooooga wooga wonga, meeeega teega bloop" and do a special dance} and he'd {probably | definitely | possibly} get it.
In his dotage he would {sit in his uncomfortable wooden chair | fall off his surfboard | wipe his bum | casually flick snots across the room}, cast his mind back over the years, and think: "{Good christ, that was shite. | Welp. That's my life wasted. | If only I had eaten more cookies.}"
Fortunately, at the last minute he turned it around, {got altogether too interested in marbles | fell in love | discovered a passion for putting his nose near things}, and spent the last years of his life {in blissful peace | speaking to chickens | gesticulating wildly | holding forth in pubs | eating only ham}.
For a minute there, it looked like he was going to {fall in love | become a Zen master | become a pop star | learn piano | start singing} and turn everything around. But no. False alarm. He died alone and {sad | somewhat purplish | unfinished | without eating his dinner}. But it's OK because {nothing really matters | well, perhaps it's not OK | he didn't have any friends anyway | nobody noticed}.
While attending {dance lessons | private school | rocket science lessons}, however, he fell in with the wrong sort of crowd and became addicted to {cheap thrills | tea with sugar | video games | hurling insults at priests}.
Although he was quite {boring | insufferable | maddening | an annoyance}, he was a fine {student | little cupcake baker | little mister tidy pants | freestyle rapper | shaker of his groove thing } and always made his parents proud. When he was eighteen years old, he announced his intention to go {exploring strange and distant lands | outside and dig a hole | upstairs to his room | absolutely nowhere until the fabled molemen came at last out of their shells}.
Soon he was experimenting with needles, and several of them ended up stuck in his eyeballs. He went to the doctor and the news was bad. He had to have his eyeballs removed and then he died quite suddenly.
After several decades of this kind of excitement, however, he discovered that {his so-called friends didn't even like him | the top of his head was absurdly pointy | half of his toes were missing | he had not one but three noses | he was not wearing trousers, and had not been wearing any for the past decade | his hands had a superfluity of fingers; there must have been a million of them | he had been shot through the shoulder with an arrow }. He looked in the mirror and he looked { like a big lollipop | sad as dead rabbits | multicolored | like a fellow who looked in mirrors}. So he began a rigorous course of {healthy eating | vomiting | picking at his cysts | masturbating}, {exercise | deep knee bends | garbage picking | sock smelling | hair twiddling}, and {reading stimulating books about science | licking furniture | borrowing things silently | telling people they looked beautiful compared to far uglier things}. In the end, he {invented a rocket ship and became the first man to live on Jupiter, where he laughed every day at the ridiculous amount he weighed | took the rings off Saturn and had them refitted for his own remaining toes | pressed his nude buttocks against his front window and made it vibrate with his wind | ate forty-six bananas and laughed at those who did not}.
In short order, he {had been eaten by snakes | exploded | had disappeared into a wobble hole and was lost forever | went missing, and that was that | allowed himself to be subsumed into the cosmic background radiation and dissipated into virtual nothingness}.
He made friends all around the world and {got invited to all sorts of parties | tormented them with his constant middle-of-the-night prank phone calls | tickled them mercilessly | ate innumerable hot dinners}. His life had become so {rich | silly | disconnected from the Lacanian Real | unwieldy | fabulous | ridiculous} that he couldn't stand it any more. At age {seventy-nine | eighty | eighty-one}, he announced his intention to {disappear into seclusion | forsake all pleasures | write one thousand letters | perform extensive research into the male nipple}, and he has not been seen since.