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My name is John Schoneboom and I am your host here at Magic Stories. I am a writer, for example of plays and novels, for example Fontoon from Dedalus Books, and also a bit of a programmer. Thus Magic Stories is a sort of inevitable intersection of these two seemingly different things, almost as if you had thrown, say, a muttered grievance and a hearty greeting into a blender and waited to see what eventually crawled out. It's a terrible analogy but you can get a different one next time you load this page.

I have also previously served as a conscientious safety patrol guard, earning the enmity of my fellow sixth graders, and I once drew a large, unflattering portrait in permanent marker of my unpleasant manager on the bathroom wall at a short-term factory job, only to confess to the crime and agree it was only fair for me to clean it off before exiting the building for the last time that very afternoon.

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